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Using a teleprompter for your corporate video or digital film shoot will help your shoot progress smoother and faster, keeping your production on track, on schedule, and on budget, especially if there is extensive dialogue. The benefits will be felt in post as well with exact repeat performances.
Combining years of computer technology experience, with an easy understanding of the spoken word, Teleprompter is poised to help your talent deliver their lines to the camera, or a live audience with ease. No more worrying about remembering lines, or losing their place.

With a Professional Teleprompter Engineer/operator backing them up, their delivery will be masterful. Can you afford to have downtime while your talent tries to remember all their lines? Can your talent remember their entire speech, and still address the audience? Gone are the days of cue cards and feeding lines off camera, get a Teleprompter and maximize your production day.

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Teleprompter Solution

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